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Core Water

Core Water is "The perfect PH Water" perfectly balanced and matches your body's natural PH Balance 7.4. The Noir Agency was responsible for ad campaigns that drove this company over $500 million dollars in sales.

The Process

Company History

CORE™ Nutrition is a  beverage manufacturer  located in Los Angeles, CA.  The company was inspired by the body, created to be perfectly in sync with the body’s optimal pH of 7.4. To produce this ultra purified water with perfectly balanced pH, electrolytes, and minerals, CORE™ Hydration uses very specific patented processes during production.

From its debut in  January 2015 the water manufacturer soon gained mass popularity and outgrew its QuickBooks accounting software completely. It needed a much more robust ERP solution, in addition to a Manufacturing solution, to handle it’s now larger operations.


Phase I: Social Media Marketing

Core turned to Noir in March 2015 to assist in social community engagement. The company was still growing but needed a solution quickly. As a result, The Noir Agency ensured strategic planning and execution of the campaign in minimal time, despite limited staff at the company. Within six month, Core successfully created a social media marketing campaign, stabilizing their brand online presence which added visibility to their inventory resulting in brand awareness.

Phase II: Social Marketing Target Audience

Following the Social Media Marketing Campaign, Core embarked on phase two of the project, which was the implementation of The Noir Agency's Community Awareness and Social Media Engagement. Once The Noir Agency completed a comprehensive study on the target audience, with suggestions on creating enhanced branded content, so we provided image and editorial content creation. Core was immediately able to take advantage of Noir’s social strategy by engaging with athletes, fitness influencers, celebrities and local community to bring authentic awareness without traditional advertising, Subtle and over a 12 month span, Core's Brand awareness sky rocketed and increase it's social media and community engagement by 300%.


Core Natural needed the ability to do all of the following:

  • Grow Brand Online Visibility
  • Grow Product Awareness
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Audience


The Noir Agency used unconventional ways to bring subtle awareness to community leaders and social media influencers, which allow a spark of curiosity to arise. Professional photography and designing a beautiful ad campaign to showcase the key importance to the water and branding the words "The Perfect PH water", the Core Brand is now all over the world and has made over 500 million dollars in sales within 3 years of our campaign.